BYU grad uses billboard to search for love

A billboard located near the Pleasant Grove exit of I-15 shows an ad created by BYU grad Braden Sharp looking for a date. (Addie Blacker)

Dating in Provo has never been easy, and most people looking for love usually turn to dating apps like Mutual and Tinder or their young single adult wards.

Not Braden Sharp.

Inspired by the recent “LDS Millionaire” billboards and buoyed by a bonus at work, Sharp, a 2017 graduate of Brigham Young University, took out ad space on two billboards along I-15 to advertise something unexpected — himself.

The billboards say “If the millionaire doesn’t work out, here’s your chance to settle for much, much less,” and at the top share a link to his website. The billboards have been up since June 3 and are expected to come down soon. Sharp said the response has been overwhelming and has worked “surprisingly well.”

Listen below to our interview with Sharp to get the full story:

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