Utah County passes anti-abortion resolution


Utah County has passed a resolution in support of anti-abortion legislation, marking at least the second time a local government in Utah has a taken an official position against the procedure since state lawmakers passed new restrictions this year.

The nonbinding resolution approved Tuesday declares support for abortion restrictions at the national and state levels, saying that “human life, regardless of age or circumstance, must be protected by the laws of society,” the Daily Herald reported .

It also opposes easing existing restrictions on euthanasia. All three Republican commissioners voted in favor of the resolution brought forward by commissioner Bill Lee, with his colleague Tanner Ainge talking about a time he feared his wife was miscarrying only to discover she was carrying twins.

The third commissioner, Nathan Ivie, said his mother was raised in an adopted home, and he’s always been “someone who has valued life.”

Ainge is the son of former NBA star Danny Ainge. Ivie recently made headlines when he came out as gay.

About 20 people spoke on the resolution, 18 in favor and two against. Those in favor included conservative activists and a Republican state lawmaker.

The city of Riverton passed a similar resolution in May declaring its support for “unborn humans” and a belief that life begins “at the moment of conception.”

The state Legislature this year passed a new ban on abortions after 18 weeks, one of several states passing new restrictions amid hope from anti-abortion activists around the country about new justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. The law isn’t being enforced as it’s challenged in court.

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