Cougareat, BYU Store renovations to be completed this summer


The Cougareat and BYU Store will soon be bridged by a lounge space celebrating BYU’s finest delicacies: cookies and milk.

The cookie and milk cafe — which will feature what the university’s press release compared to a “freestyle soft drink machine but with BYU milk and flavor mix-ins” — is just one change set to be implemented in the university’s updates to the Cougareat and BYU Store, which are expected to be completed before Education Week in August 2019.

Several Cougareat restaurants will be updated or changed entirely. Aloha Plate will receive a makeover. L&T will be replaced by Choices, which will offer allergy-free, vegan and vegetarian options, according to the press release. Scoreboard Grill will be replaced by a still-unannounced national chain.

The BYU Store’s main level will also receive a face-lift, including stadium seating with a large viewing screens for campus events, a Legacy Area with original Marriott Center flooring and a new Interactive Learning Center.

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