‘Be You’ Unforum encourages individuality through talents


BYU’s end-of-year “Unforum” encouraged the importance of individuals and their talents through the presentations of multiple BYU performing groups including Living Legends, Divine Comedy and the BYU Dunk Team.

A video with the “Be You” theme opened the Unforum, encouraging students to be themselves and saying their talents help them stand out as unique individuals in a world with 7 billion people.

Living Legends showed its individuality through colorful clothing, bright lights and a combination of modern music and traditional dancing.

BYU Divine Comedy sang a comical parody to the popular hit “Nonstop” from “Hamilton,” replacing Hamilton with stories of Alma the Younger in the Book of Mormon. BYU President Kevin J Worthen joked it should be called “Alma the Musical.”

The BYU Dunk Team followed with a routine that made the crowd go wild, and added a surprise for its finale: Worthen and Vice President Matthew O. Richardson came onto the court to participate in the last dunk.

Worthen closed the unforum by exhorting students to make BYU a part of their lives and to live the gospel enthusiastically and cheerfully.

“Be you within BYU. (And) be the best you you can be,” Worthen said.

He also said the performing groups were examples of the amazing talents each person has that sets them apart as individuals.

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