Mighty women defend Christ’s doctrine

M. Joseph Brough defends mighty women of Israel during his April 9 devotional address in the Marriott Center. (Arianna Davidson)

Brother M. Joseph Brough, the second counselor in the Young Men general presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, opened his April 9 devotional address by sharing a statement by President David O. McKay: “There is no greater responsibility in the world than the training of a human soul.”

Brough shared a story from when he was living in Wyoming on a cattle ranch at the age of 13. According to Brough, a specific heifer was difficult to work with. He and his parents tried to get her back to her corral, but she bolted in an attempt to pass between his mother and a fence.

“I watched my mother slip and dive head first like she was trying to steal second base in the World Series,” Brough said. “As you can imagine, in a field full of cattle, there are these round, fresh, brownish bases everywhere.”

Brough’s mother slid into one of the “bases” and was covered from head to toe. His father, however, was still watching the heifer get away. He ordered the group to turn the heifer back towards the corral.

“To his demand, my mother wisely replied, looking directly at me, ‘Come on Joe. We are going to the house, and he can do it himself,'” Brough said.

Brough was then faced with the dilemma of following his father or obeying his mother. He decided to follow his mother.

Brough said Heavenly Father’s greatest warriors today could be called “the modern mighty women of Israel.” In the battle between good and evil, Brough said he has seen many mighty women stick their banner in the ground as they take a stand and defend the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Brough spoke about women honored in the scriptures, and the Apostle Paul’s teaching of honoring thy father and mother.

“Today, I hope that each of us will recommit to bringing honor to our mothers by living God’s commandments,” Brough said. “I hope each one of you will text your mother today and tell her that you love her.”

Brough also said everyone needs to have a “mighty woman of Israel” by their side for eternity.

“For all of you, as you listen, please remember that bringing honor to the mighty women of Israel in your life will bring joy,” Brough said.

Brough said women can be a modern mighty woman of Israel outside of the home and in the workplace.

“May I mention another woman I know at Church headquarters,” Brough said. “She has helped edit every public talk, including this one, that I have given in my calling as a member of the Young Men general presidency.”

According to Brough, as an impact leader, his coworker has the ability to help, cultivate others in the process of offering words, thoughts and meaning.

“Reach out today and thank another of those impact teachers or modern mighty women of Israel who has influenced your faith and commitment to the Savior and His earthly kingdom,” Brough said. “Do it now if you need so you don’t forget.”

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