BYU-I to hold Honor Code reform march


BYU—Idaho students will march for Honor Code reform on April 10, according to a Twitter account called #ReformTheCodeBYUI, just two days before a similar student-led demonstration is set to take place on the BYU campus in Provo.

A letter posted to the account details the reform students want, including administrator training requirements, a statue of limitations and full transparency.

The account has 102 followers as of April 9. A Twitter poll from April 7 shows out of 37 respondents, approximately 28 (or about 76 percent) plan on attending the march.

Another recent tweet states the BYU-I Public Safety Office will be involved with the march and “campus police are not showing up and taking names or looking for people to turn in.”

“I understand that you may be scared to march,” another tweet states. “But isn’t that the point? Because you’re scared? March because you have fear.”

The march comes in the wake of renewed controversy surrounding BYU’s Honor Code, seen through the Instagram account Honor Code Stories. The account, which has over 34,000 followers as of April 9, details students negative experiences with the Honor Code Office and seeks to “promote positive change within BYU’s Honor Code Office.”

A petition called “Update the ‘Honor Code’ at BYU” had over 22,000 signatures as of April 9 at 6 p.m.

BYU students are holding a sit-in of the Honor Code Office in Provo on April 12.

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