Poland’s Catholic Church set to release sex abuse statistics

Workers dismantling a statue of the late Solidarity-era priest, Henryk Jankowski, following a decision by city councilors remove it, amid allegations Jankowski sexually abused minors, in Gdansk, Poland, on Friday, March 8, 2019. (AP Photo/Wojciech Strozyk)

Poland’s Catholic Church leaders are preparing to publish statistics on the abuse of minors by priests since 1990.

Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki says the documented cases are to be published during a news conference Thursday.

Church leaders in predominantly Catholic Poland have admitted to cases of abuse of minors by priests but have not revealed their number.

A private foundation supporting victims of abuse has given Pope Francis a list of more than 90 court verdicts on priests and hundreds of cases of alleged abuse.

Recently, a statue of a prominent Solidarity-era priest was removed amid allegations that the late Rev. Henryk Jankowski, respected for his pro-democracy activity in the 1980s, abused minors.

Church leaders have been discussing abuse and ways of protecting children during a three-day meeting in Warsaw.

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