9 fun classes to take next semester


Registering for classes can be a stressful event. There is pressure to get into the major and general education classes needed to graduate while also creating a manageable schedule. As a result, students may look for fun classes to fill their schedule and offset the difficult curriculum they face in other classes.

Below are nine classes that BYU students rave about that could be great additions to any schedule this upcoming semester.

  1. Zumba (STAC 108) and dance aerobics (STAC 104) (.5 credit)

It can be difficult to fit exercise into busy schedules with classes, homework, jobs, internships and other extracurricular activities. Zumba and dance aerobics classes at BYU offer a great way to schedule in required time for exercise while busting a move.

2. Professional Etiquette (STDEV 214R) (2 credits)

Looking to land that job with a killer interview or maybe impress that special someone? This student development class can help with that. From table etiquette to phone skills, this course is a student favorite that prepares one for professionalism and success in life.

3. Marriage preparation (SFL 223) (3 credits)

BYU is known for its high marriage rate — so there has to be a class to prepare for it. This is a great choice for those who are single, in a relationship, engaged or already married because of the communication and relationship skills it teaches.

“I look at all of my relationships so differently now. It’s a game-changer, for sure,” family life major McKenzie Butler said.

4. Social dance (DANCE 180) and country western social dance (DANCE 181) (1 credit)

These two classes are popular on campus because they teach students social dance skills and give them the opportunity to participate in low-level dance competitions during the semester. Another great part of these classes is the chance to meet so many new people; they call it social dance for a reason.

5. Gymnastics (STAC 136) (.5 credit)

This BYU student activities class teaches the basics of floor, beam, vault and uneven bars. Students work at their own skill level, which makes the class approachable for all students. From handsprings to cartwheels, students can learn the basics of gymnastics and get in good exercise at the same time.

“I don’t dread the weekend ending because I’m so excited for it,” said grad student Laura Melonakos.

6. Floral design (PWS 112) (3 credits)

This class not only teaches about types of flowers and how to care for them but also gives students hands-on experience arranging them. From wedding bouquets to table centerpieces, students learn it all. They even get to bring home their creations.

7. Food preparation in the home (SFL 110) (2 credits) 

College might come with regrets of not paying more attention to mom’s cooking while still living at home. SFL 110 helps remedy that by helping students gain a basic understanding of cooking and food preparation.

“It was so much fun, and we made delicious stuff! I still have the little cookbook packet from that class too,” said BYU alum Shauna Parry.

8. Family finance (SFL 260) (3 credits)

Money is a big topic for college students, and normally it’s the lack of money they are concerned about. Family finance is not only an interesting class, but it also teaches money principles that can set students up for financial success now and in the future.

9. Creating a good life through experience design (EXDM 300) (3 credits)

EXDM 300 is a great opportunity for BYU students to take a step back and plan how they will thrive in life. Throughout the semester, students are expected to attend some of the different activities that BYU offers, including sports events, musical performances and on-campus restaurants.

“I liked the class because it reminded me to fill my life with good things that I love in order to have joy,” said BYU senior Emily Hill.

Undergraduate registration will open for the Fall 2019 semester on March 26 through April 3. New freshmen admitted for Fall 2019 will begin registering for classes during the week of June 19.

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