Police Beat Feb. 26 – March 5



Criminal mischief 

Feb. 27 — An individual reported a vehicle was hit with a paintball in the Wymount Terrace area.

Feb. 27 — An individual reported graffiti on the dumpsters by the Cannon Center.


Feb. 21 — An individual reported receiving harassment through text messages. Police took statements from both parties.



Feb. 28 — An officer responded to a report about two men passed out inside a car outside an apartment complex. Police found the men had just used drugs and possessed paraphernalia. They also had warrants out for their arrest. The pair was booked into jail.


Feb. 28 — An individual reported receiving an email from her boss where he asked her to purchase eight iTunes gift cards. After purchasing five cards at Smith’s, she investigated the email and found it was from a fraudulent account.


Feb. 28 — A gas station employee reported their cell phone stolen from behind the register. Police are still searching for the suspect.

Feb. 28 — Officers responded to a report about a subwoofer being removed from a vehicle in the owner’s garage.

Feb. 28 — A man reported his car stolen after he left it running in the driveway to warm it up.

Feb. 28 — A man reported a package taken from his porch.

Feb. 28 — A store reported two individuals who had previously stolen from them. Officers apprehended the pair and booked one into jail.

Feb. 28 — Officers arrested a man who was suspected for stealing packages.

Criminal mischief 

Feb. 28 — A coffee shop reported suspicious duffel bags left by their dumpster. Upon inspection from the officers, they found a BB gun and other gun ammunition. Officers are still investigating to find the owner.

Hit and run 

Feb. 28 — Officers responded to a five car accident where the driver at fault attempted to flea the scene. Officers found the vehicle a short distance from the scene.

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