Students present at Religious Education Student Symposium

BYU students present their religious-based papers at the Religious Education Student Symposium on Feb. 15. (Madison Everett)

BYU students presented papers on a religious subject of their choice at BYU’s 21st Annual Religious Education Student Symposium on Friday, Feb. 15.

Students researched, wrote and submitted papers for the opportunity to be published, win cash prizes and present their papers in the symposium. Thirty-six students were chosen to present at the 2019 forum.  

After the student presentations in the three-hour symposium, all 36 students were invited to attend a luncheon to honor their accomplishments, give awards to those who won prizes and have the opportunity to be published.

The cash prizes included several $500 winners, Best Paper in Church History, Best Paper in Book of Mormon studies, a third place $1,000 winner, a second place $1,500 winner and a first place $2,000 winner.

Erin Ladd, Nick Hainsworth, Delacie James Barney, James Umphress, John Gabero, Joshua T. McCarty and Collin Russell each won $500 for their papers. Brooke Lefevre won the Best Paper in Church History and Madison Landrith won Best Paper in Book of Mormon Studies.

Alyssa Parsons took third place, Brooke Lefevre took second place and Chandler Kendall took first place prize.

BYU religion professor and author Brad Wilcox moderated part of the symposium. He expressed his appreciation and respect for the presenters.

“I am so impressed with these students,” Wilcox said. “To have young students come up here and explain such complex subjects of the gospel in so much depth, I think that is fantastic.”

BYU’s Chair of Church History and Doctrine Richard Bennett commended the students for their hard work and dedication in writing the papers.

“You young folks have an opportunity to convey your understanding of the gospel and of topics that are of great interest to the church in a way that the Lord has spoken to you,” Bennett said. “That’s why we have these symposiums.”

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