Police Beat: Feb. 12 – 19




Feb. 12 — An officer located a stolen bike that was taken from the Helaman Halls area.


Feb. 12 — An individual reported a fraud attempt from another person who tried to send more than what was requested for an item on KSL. They also requested the money be sent to a different location.


Feb. 12 — An individual reported the smell of marijuana and the officers located and cited the individuals.



Feb. 11 — Officers responded to a report of a man smoking marijuana in a hotel room and he was cited once they found it in his possession.

Feb. 11 — Officers responded to a report of a man in an apartment complex hitting his head against a public bathroom stall and found the man had smoked heroin.

Feb. 12 — An officer made a traffic stop on a car where the driver threw two boxes out the window. With the help of a police dog, officers confirmed the boxes were carrying meth.

Feb. 12 — An officer made a traffic stop on a car that made traffic violations and found the driver had LSD on them.


Feb. 11 — Two estranged individuals were fighting over the ownership of a car and the individual who rightfully owns the car had the title in hand. The other individual asked the previous owner for a bill of sale and filed for a loss of title with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Officers sorted out the situation and cited the second individual.

Feb. 11 — A man was found leaving an open garage that he doesn’t own. Officers located him and found him in possession of meth.

Feb. 12 — An individual broke into an elementary school and stole six fire extinguishers.


Feb. 11 — A woman was arrested after she tried to fill a forged prescription at Walmart.

Feb. 11 — A woman reported a man transferring $4,300 to her bank account, where he proceeded to harass her to return the money via gift cards. The money was from a fraudulent account and police are still investigating.

Feb. 12 — Officers have received multiple reports about phone calls telling individuals they have outstanding warrants that can be paid off with gift cards.

Feb. 12 — An individual reported receiving emails offering them a job for buying items and shipping them out. The checks the individual received to buy the supplies were fraudulent and bounced, making the individual lose a large sum of money.


Feb. 12 — Officers reported to an incident of a male suspect threatening a female. The man was located and officers discovered he had a loaded pistol and meth in his possession. He was booked on several charges.

Sexual misconduct

Feb. 11 — Officers saw a woman streaking down Center Street around 1 a.m. Police stopped the woman and found her to be intoxicated. She was sent home.

Driving under the influence 

Feb. 11 — Officers arrested a woman for a DUI on State Street after she was unable to pass sobriety tests.


Feb. 11 — Officers responded to a small car accident where they found one of the drivers had outstanding felony warrants. She was booked into jail by officers.

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