Police Beat: Jan. 22 – 29




Jan. 24 — An individual reported threats made by another person at Wyview Park.


Jan. 23 — Officers responded to a report about a marijuana smell in the area of Helaman Halls. Officers checked the area and cited two individuals.


Jan. 24 — An individual reported a bicycle taken from the Helaman Halls bike racks. It was listed in the national database as stolen.

Jan. 24 — An individual reported a stolen wallet from their vehicle.

Jan. 25 — A cellphone was reported stolen or lost.

Criminal mischief

Jan. 24 — Graffiti was found in the Kimball Tower bathrooms and custodial was contacted for cleanup.


Jan. 26 — An individual reported being threatened by another individual through social media.


Jan. 22 — An individual reported being a victim of identity theft and fraud by unauthorized use of their credit card.



Jan. 22 — An officer checked on a man who was sleeping in his car at Walmart and found the man possessed meth and drug paraphernalia. The man had multiple warrants and had stolen tools in the car. He was taken to jail and police are following up to return the stolen tools.

Jan. 22 — An officer responded to a call from a local hotel about a bag of meth found in one of the rooms. The suspect moved to a different room in the hotel, and a warrant was quickly filed.

Jan. 22 — Police cited a man after he fell asleep in his car and they found drugs in his possession.


Jan. 22 — A hotel reported an unknown guest leaving a small safe with the digital keypad broken off the front of it. The officers are doing a follow up to see if it was linked to any local break-ins or robberies.

Shop lifting 

Jan. 22 — A man attempted to walk out of a Walmart with a large TV in his cart and was stopped by the door greeter. He was able to steal a set of bed sheets. Police knew his identity because he made a return to customer services before the theft.

Jan. 22 — A woman walked out of Target without paying for her items. Loss prevention employees stopped her and called police. Officers charged her with retail theft.

Jan. 22 — A woman stole a pair of jeans from the Buckle store inside the Orem mall. She attempted to return them for money at the Provo Buckle store. The store called the police and the woman was booked into jail.

Property damage

Jan. 22 — An unknown individual threw a package full of bricks into the Post office kiosk in south Orem. An investigation is still ongoing.

Jan. 22 —  A church was broken into and damaged. Officers are still searching for a suspect.

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