Cyber security not an issue for BYU FAFSA applications


The government shutdown caused many U.S. citizens to worry about cyber security issues, but it did not affect students applying for federal student aid or scholarships.

BYU and University of Utah officials verified that students’ information, with regards to the online federal aid application, is safe. According to BYU University Media Relations Manager Todd Hollingshead there have not been any issues relating to cyber security.

With the recent social media scare, many students were concerned their information was not safe on the internet, specifically on the FAFSA website. Rumors spread about hackers stealing students’ information from government sites.

BYU students can rest assured knowing their information is safe on the FAFSA website, according to Hollingshead. The Feb. 1 deadline is still in place and students are expected to adhere to this deadline.

However, President Donald Trump announced on Jan. 22 “he’ll sign legislation to reopen shortly to reopen shuttered government departments for three weeks”, according to Associated Press.

Even with the temporary three-week reopening of the government, the FAFSA deadline still lies before the expiration of the opening.

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