Police Beat: Jan. 15 – 22




Jan. 16 — An individual was reported for theft at the BYU Store. The individual was found and cited.

Domestic Violence

Jan. 14 — An individual reported domestic assault between a couple at Wymount Terrace.



Jan. 19 — A man made a threatening Facebook post about committing a mass shooting hours before the women’s marches. Police were alerted to the post and tracked down the man with the help of the FBI. The man is currently waiting on a extradition warrant from Colorado, where it is believed he violated parole.



Jan. 15 — A white van believed to have a connection to a burglary of a small car dealership was caught on a security camera. Police are currently investigating the situation.

Lost and found 

Jan. 11 — A Christmas card containing cash was found on a UTA UVX bus. Police were able to locate the individual and return the cash.

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