Shake Shack joins Utah’s burger ranks

Shake Shack
Shake Shack is set to open its first Utah location in mid-to-late 2019. The burger joint will be located at 11020 S. State St. in Sandy. (Chris Palac/Shake Shack)

2019 is starting out with a sizzle when it comes to local eateries. East Coast favorite Shake Shack announced it is joining Utah’s ranks at a new location set to open in mid-to-late 2019.

Meg Castranova, the manager of brand communications at Shake Shack, said in an email the Utah Shake Shack will be located in Sandy at 11020 S. State St.

Utah’s Shake Shack will feature all the classic menu items, such as the Shackburger, crinkle-cut fries, hand-spun shakes and a selection of custard concretes, according to Castranova.

“We’ll also have a local charity partner to whom we’ll donate 5 percent of sales from one of our concretes,” Castranova said. 

In keeping with Shake Shack’s commitment to green architecture and eco-friendly construction, the Sandy location will be constructed with recycled and sustainable materials.

Shake Shack’s booths will be created with certified lumber from the Forest Stewardship Council and its tables will be created from reclaimed bowling alley lanes.

Utah County is home to two In-N-Out locations, the West Coast counterpart to Shake Shack. Known for its “Animal Style,” “Protein Style” and traditional “double-double” burgers, In-N-Out provides a simple menu with fresh ingredients.

In-N-Out’s self-proclaimed claim to fame is “quality you can taste.”

We don’t freeze, pre-package or microwave our food,” In-N-Out’s website says. “We make things the old-fashioned way.”

“Because of price point, Shake Shack should be compared to something like Freddy’s Steakburgers,” said junior Ryan Cottam. “In-N-Out and Shake Shack are always put together, but In-N-Out should be compared to something like McDonald’s in regards to price point.”

The Daily Universe took to the polls to find the true owner of BYU’s burger heart. After about 18 hours of being posted on The Daily Universe’s Instagram page, the results of a poll showed 68 percent of viewers preferred In-N-Out over Shake Shack. 

Exercise science student Devon Alkema said he prefers In-N-Out over Shake Shack.

“I’ve only had Shake Shack once, but I remember feeling that it was very good, but still way overpriced, especially for the portions,” Alkema said.

Nathan Young, a student from Pleasant Grove, said he prefers “anything over In-N-Out.”

The poll shows a preference toward In-N-Out, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for the new Shake Shack. It provides a new hotspot for sweets and treats on a drive home from Salt Lake City endeavors like concerts, basketball games or the Saturday session of General Conference.

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