Love notes – that’s how BYU students are choosing to respond in a time when sorrow as gray as the weather has settled over campus. “It’s been really sweet to read all the messages of love people leave for one another,” said Whitney Holman, a Marriott school student helping out at the “Share Love” booth in the atrium of the Tanner Building.
Many of those writing notes were returning to the Tanner building for the first time since a BYU student took her life Monday morning by jumping from the fourth floor. Along with the pain of losing someone has come an outpouring of compassion and an increased awareness for those struggling with mental health. The colorful Post-it notes range from statements of gratitude to messages of encouragement.
This flood of love brought students together last night for a candlelight vigil to remember the lost student. MPA students Cameron Reed Segura and Erica Knight were both in the building when the tragedy happened Monday morning and feel the experience has changed them.
“Hopefully this does spread the message that we do love everyone,” Reed said somberly, gesturing to the last few stragglers from the candlelight vigil. It hadn’t lasted long – after a moment of silence and a few hymns, over a hundred students prayed together for the lost student’s family and all those around us who may be struggling. “I was just telling Reed, I really hope I can go to heaven and meet this girl, who has impacted my life so much in just a few days,” Erica spoke through tears. Although the vigil was short, both Erica and Reed hope that this tragic event will not be forgotten.
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