Brooker’s Ice Cream grand opening a sweet revolution

Brooker’s Ice Cream officially opened in Vineyard Utah Saturday, Dec. 1. The sweet shop is based on the fusion of founder, Brian Brooker’s two loves: American History and ice cream. (Claire Gentry)

Brooker’s Ice Cream founder and creator Brian Brooker hosted a sweet revolution for early American history and ice cream on Dec. 1 at the Brooker’s Founding Flavors Ice Cream grand opening in Vineyard, Utah.

The new colonial America-themed ice cream shop serves ice cream flavors inspired by founding fathers, like “Patrick Henry’s Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death” and “James Madison’s Constitutional Crunch.” Brooker’s also serves traditional colonial drinking chocolate and crepes.

The event hosted Colonial Heritage Foundation members, who brought an original printing press, antique candle-making and authentic colonial drums.

Mayor of Vineyard Julie Fullmer (left) with Brooker’s Ice Cream founder, Brian Brooker (right) at the ground opening of the shop. Brooker’s Ice Cream is dedicated to the sweet revolution of ice cream and American history. (Claire Gentry)

“This has been a long time coming,” Brooker said. “This has been an idea that was hatched hiking the Appalachian trail over 20 years ago after my high school graduation through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. The idea was later perfected in Virginia when we lived right down the road from Colonial Williamsburg and the Jamestown settlement.”

While on the trail, Brooker would hike into small towns to grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and fell in love with quality ice cream, he said. He knew someday he wanted to make his own ice cream.

“Our mission here is to take out Ben and Jerry’s. The baby boomer hippie-themed ice cream is on the way out and ice cream based on founding principles is in,” Brooker said. “Brooker’s ice cream is substantive ice cream with substantive principles.” 

Brooker is originally from Virginia. After serving eight years in the army and having been deployed to Iraq, Brooker developed a love for his country and its principles.

“I grew up going to Monticello, Jefferson’s place and battlefields, and that was normal. For me, apart from LDS temples, these historic sites are where I feel the most uplifted,” Brooker said.

Brooker’s Ice Cream is set to beat Ben and Jerry’s with its flavorful and creamy ice cream. The sweet shop is based on the fusion of founder, Brian Brooker’s two loves: American History and ice cream. (Claire Gentry)

Brooker’s ice cream uses fresh, natural dairy products to make their ice cream. The “super premium ice cream” has the highest butterfat and egg yolk, similar to frozen custard. This makes the ice cream creamier than other ice creams, according to Brooker.

The local Utah family dairy we get our all natural cream and milk from has never used artificial growth hormones since they started in 1972 and never will. Our cream and milk are also antibiotic free, cold separated and low temperature pasteurized, all of which preserves its rich flavor and nutrition,” according to Brooker’s website.

Gove Allen, the president of the Colonial Heritage Foundation, was happy to support the event.

“The big event we usually do is the Colonial Heritage Festival. It’s the largest American colonial living and reenactment event in the western United States held in Orem,” Allen said. “This is the first time we’ve ever worked with a commercial endeavor, but their mission is so closely affiliated with ours, in letting people know what the founding principles of our nation are, that we were more than willing to come out to support them.”

After the ribbon was cut, guests were invited to try Brooker’s ice cream for the first time.

Guests were invited to come in and try Brooker’s ice cream for the first time on Saturday, Dec. 1 in Vineyard, Utah. The sweet shop is based on the fusion of founder, Brian Brooker’s two loves: American History and ice cream. (Claire Gentry)

Vineyard resident Kendra Olsen isn’t an ice cream lover but said Brooker’s ice cream changed her mind.

I’m not a big ice cream fan, but I actually do like this. It has great chunky textures like Ben and Jerry’s but is way more creamy as well. I really love it,” Olsen said.

Another Vineyard resident, Erika Espinoza, said she loves the vivid flavor of the ice cream. “It’s super creamy and it has a lot of flavor. A small amount is super satisfying because it is so flavorful. I really like this ice cream and it’s affordable.”

Brooker’s Ice Cream also offers a 25 percent patriot discount for all military, police, firefighters and missionaries in uniform.

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