Jimmy Fallon vs. Congressman Curtis: Who gets the last laugh?

Jimmy Fallon’s opening monologue on The Late Night Show Tuesday was a bit of a new congressmen roast. And former Provo Mayor and newly elected Utah Congressman, John Curtis, didn’t escape the heat.

The concept of the bit was ‘congressional icebreakers,’ or what new congressmen might say to each other when meeting for the first time in Washington. For many Americans, being featured on a national late night show would be a dream come true. But while Curtis made the cut, it wasn’t so flattering. Most of Fallon’s jabs at the congressmen newbies had to do with their physical appearances, as was the case with Curtis.

After being compared to Gollum from the Lord of the Rings, Curtis decided to take the attention as a compliment and an opportunity.  Curtis put Jimmy Fallon to the test. Fallon can dish it, but can he take it?

This is the response video he and his office made, complete with a self-generated laugh track from others in the office. Keeping with the Lord of the Rings theme, Curtis equated Fallon with main character Frodo Baggins. The image he uses of ‘Frodo Fallon’ is actually Jimmy Fallon’s face photo-shopped into Frodo’s.

Curtis tweeted the video at the late night host yesterday. Although it has over 42,000 views and counting, which is way above Curtis’s normal social media interaction, Frodo Fallon has yet to respond.

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