BYU football finished their season last Saturday with a disappointing loss to the Utah Utes in the fourth quarter.

With it being the end of the season fans haven’t exactly known how to respond, and the season as a whole has left fans with a sour taste in their mouths.

Spencer Roberts, a fan said, “I’m in an abusive relationship.”

And Madeline Bretsing said, “I’ve been a little disappointed because I enjoy winning.”

Fans really thought the decision to put Zach Wilson in should have been made sooner.

Bradley Brown said, “Putting Zach Wilson in sooner might have been better.”

Stephen Rowdey said “I thought that was a good switch changed the whole feel and momentum of the team,” and Roberts said he would have liked to see them “start testing out Zach Wilson earlier.”

The cougars finished 6-6 this year which is an improvement over last year’s record of 4-9. With that improved record the team qualified for a bowl game. A fan named Nick said “I did not know about that, but I am hyped to see it.”

The BYU football team has had many ups and downs this season sending their fans on a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but fans are excited for the bowl game they’ve been promised.

Bretsing said, “I’m ever an optimist so I hope we go into the bowl game and pull something off.”

Roberts said, “I’m hoping for a redemption again that’s why I do love BYU football, I love watching it, especially when they play good.”

Brown said, “If it’s anywhere within a 6 hour drive of me, I’m going.”

While fans as a whole were excited for the bowl game there were still some sore hearts. Rowdey said, “It’s not as good as having beat Utah. If we would have beat Utah I would have been a lot more satisfied than a bowl game, but you know can’t win ’em all.”

Some have already set their sights on next year. Brown said, “With Zach Wilson being a freshman, it looks like we got some good things coming up in the future. Maybe a Utah win coming up. It was close enough that I could almost taste it. So next years the year.”

And Nick said, “Let’s get a winning record.”

Next season BYU’s first game will be against Utah, so fans won’t have to wait too long for that match-up.

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