Rock ‘n’ roll theme chosen for Pendulum Court Cafe on Nov. 15


“Mick Jagger Spicy Mac ‘n’ Cheese,” “Bad to the Bone BLT” and rock ‘n’ roll music will all be part of the themed atmosphere at the Pendulum Court Cafe on Nov. 15, the cafe’s last day open this semester.

Every semester dietetics program interns create a theme day for the cafe — and this semester’s theme is rock n’ roll.

Interns at the Pendulum Court Cafe plan meals and desserts around themes, such as the “Remember Me” horchata cupcakes served for a Coco theme day earlier in October. (Pendulum Court Cafe)

The cafe is run by junior dietetics students enrolled in the food service systems lab required for the major. The course gives students hands-on experience in meal preparation and time management in a fast-paced setting.

There are also dietetic interns who have previously taken the lab course and oversee the lab and Pendulum Court Cafe operations.

“Sometimes it’s between ‘should I quickly make another batch’ or ‘Just let us run out of food’,” said dietetics program intern Caitlin Taggart. “I think I learned more about cooking, but I also learned more about teamwork and leadership.”

Although the cafe is student-run, the program ensures the food is handled safely by requiring all students to receive ServSafe certification.

“It’s a nationally recognized certification, and every student has to get it,” said dietetics program intern Mary Smith. “We are more safe, because instead of just one person, it’s everyone.”

Meals at the cafe contain a vegetable, grain and protein. Some dishes have already been chosen for the rock ‘n’ roll theme day, but students are still holding food panels and deciding what more can be served, according to dietetics program intern Perry Guinn.

The Pendulum Court Cafe plans food items with the goal of incorporating every food group, such as the chicken pesto panini. (Pendulum Court Cafe)

“We put a lot of time in making sure the food is something people will really like,” Guinn said.

The cafe serves lunch Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30 a.m. – 1:10 p.m. and Tuesday from noon to 1:10 p.m due to the BYU devotional. The cafe also has a rewards program where students can receive a free cookie, fruit cup or drink after five visits and a free entrée after 10 visits.

To learn more about the rock ‘n’ roll theme day and the cafe’s food options, visit their website.

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