Mitt Romney, newly elected Utah senator, said, “During the next six years I commit to devote my heart, my mind and my energy to be worthy of the trust that you as voters of Utah have given me. Thank you so much. What a wonderful success.”

More than 200 republicans in Utah were quick to fill up the headquarter in Orem to see their new elected senator.

Mitt Romney easily beat democratic rival Jenny Wilson, a member of the salt lake city council with 61.6 percent to 32.6 percent.

“The victory tonight is more than the victory of a candidate or the united state senate. I believe it’s a call for greater dignity and respect. I believe it is an affirmation, that regardless of ones gender or ethnicity or sexual orientation or race or place of birth, that we are all equal. Not only in the eyes of god, but also in the respect and dignity, we are due from government and for our fellow Americans,” Romney said.

During his acceptance speech Romney took the time to honor mayor Brent Taylor, who was killed in Afghanistan on November 3.

“Quite seriously, an unfathomable prize, in patriot blood, was paid to get us a right to vote. This week that price was paid again. Mayor Brent Taylor, husband, father of seven, and mayor of north Ogden, gave the last full major devotion for freedom’s cause,” Romney said.

Democratic candidate, Jenny Wilson, tweeted after conceding the race quote: “This wasn’t the result we wanted, but that doesn’t take away from the lasting impact that the work we’ve done together will have on the state of Utah, both now and into the future.”


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