Police Beat: Oct. 28 – Nov. 3




Oct. 29 — An individual in the Jesse Knight Building received a fraudulent email purporting to be a request to purchase items for another office.


Nov. 1 — An individual watching movies in a theater room of the Harris Fine Arts Center after the building closed was asked to leave.


Oct. 29 — An individual reported material stolen from the Harold B. Lee Library.

Oct. 30 —An individual reported that a bicycle secured with a cable lock was stolen from the Tanner Building bike rack.

Oct. 30 — A suspicious individual was reported to have taken items from the vending area in Heritage Halls.

Oct. 30 — Construction tools were stolen from an enclosed trailer parked near the Museum of Peoples and Cultures.

Oct. 30 — An individual in the Smith Fieldhouse reported that personal exercise equipment was stolen.

Oct. 31 — A group of A-frame signs on display in Brigham Square were stolen.

Nov. 3 — An individual reported that a bicycle secured with a lock was stolen from the Wyview Park.


Destruction of Property

Nov. 1 — Officers responded to a domestic dispute in which a male suspect cut all four tires of a victim’s vehicle.

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