BYU Political Science Department responds to racial slur used in class


BYU’s Political Science Department is investigating an Oct. 30 incident where a student repeatedly used a racial slur in a class discussion.

BYU Political Science chair Sven Wilson confirmed in a statement to the Daily Universe that a student used an inflammatory racial slur. Wilson said while the word wasn’t directed at another student, other class members were “understandably upset” about the incident.

“Any language which disrespects or degrades others is completely unacceptable at BYU and the commitment to respect others is a central part of the Honor Code. We take these kinds of issues very seriously,” Wilson said. “We are working with the student who made the comment, and we are also working with BYU Multicultural Students Services who will be having a discussion in class to help educate students about using language that shows respect for all.”

BYU spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said the Political Science Department was handling the situation and that the department’s statement reflected BYU’s position on the matter.

Wilson said the Political Science Department’s goal is to help “members of the campus community feel respected and supported.” He said he hopes the incident can be used to better educate students on the matter.

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