BYU athletics hosts annual trunk-or-treat, best student-athlete costume



_The Cougars’ annual “trunk or treat” featured more than 10 of the universities athletics teams on Halloween nights. (Dave Broberg/BYU Athletic Creative Services)

BYU fans of all ages went trunk to trunk at the LaVell Edwards Stadium parking lot gathering candy from their favorite student-athletes at the annual BYU athletics trunk-or-treat on Halloween night.

Athletes from football, baseball, women’s volleyball, women’s basketball and many others were in attendance to interact with fans and hand out candy. Cosmo was also present with his Cosmobile turned haunted house.

Isaac Cline, age 12, stood apart from the crowd with his giant Cosmo head. He said his favorite athletes were the ones who gave him candy and that football is his favorite BYU sport.

Isaac Cline, age 12, poses with his father Koki Cline at the BYU athletics trunk-or-treat. (Jenae Hyde)

His father, Koki Cline, said the trunk-or-treat event is a family affair every year.

“Honestly, it’s a good, safe place,” Koki said. “It’s so close for the kids to walk, and the student-athletes, they have a good time. So, it’s a fun place and such a fun atmosphere for the kids.”

Koki also explained Isaac’s ties to BYU football.

Isaac’s uncle, Jasen Ah You, is the current BYU football support services coordinator. His other uncle, Jasen’s brother Matt Ah You, played linebacker for BYU from 2003-05 and again in 2008. Several Ah You’s can be found on the BYU football all-time roster.

Isaac and the other fans in attendance were not the only ones dressed up. The athletes themselves dressed for the occasion, some decorating their cars to match the theme of their costumes.

The Daily Universe ran a tournament poll on its Instagram account to determine the best student-athlete costume. Eight stand-out costumes were selected, creating four initial match-ups.

The winners from each match-up went head-to-head in round two, and the two winners from that round became the finalists. The polls on each match-up ran for 30 minutes.

The overall winners of the tournament were BYU punter and kicker Rhett Almond with his siblings Hannah, Brynn and Dylan Almond for their “Emperor’s New Groove” inspired costumes.

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