Halloween On Mainstreet


Home owner and Master Creator, Randell Jones, said, “This started through my kids, as they got older we started creating what was just this area here was the start of it all and as years went on it consumed more and more of the property.”

The CJC Foundation is a concrete company and was founded by Randell Jones and his brother.

They pick a family each year to do this haunted house fundraiser for, and this year, through the program called Kids On the Move, they found the Martin family. Because of her health issues, the single mother has lost her home and job.

Committee Coordinator, Jeanne Call, said, “AnnaMarie, she’s the mom, and she’s a single mom with five young kids. Two of them have autism, and she has some really severe health problems.”

The event is getting bigger each year; food trucks come out, neighbors and friends come to support, and the community seems to enjoy getting scared as a family.

The mother, AnnaMarie, said, “I’ve heard people talking about it all day today from people that came last night that went through Kids On the Move.”

“Putting it all together,” Jones said, “takes a lot.”

Neighbors and some of his crew members come together as volunteers and help to make it happen. Marketing Director, Bryan Bunker, said, “We buy things and put things together all year long and then the actual putting it together has been about two months.”

As a kid friendly haunted house, the kids that don’t want to be scared take a glow stick and can keep the “spooks” away.

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