Director, Dixie R. Sevison, said, “Our Voices of Courage campaign is a week long campaign where we’re reaching out to the BYU community to help educate them on all types of abuse.”

The gallery was on display at Brigham Square for two hours on Tuesday, October 23. The gallery consisted of signs and posters sharing statistics and myths of abuse.

Sevison went on to say, “October is domestic violence awareness month, but we want to look at all types of abuse and how we as a campus community can step up and work together, men and women, to eradicate abuse on our campus.”

While other signs had written personal stories of abuse and how they’ve been able to move forward, group volunteer, Alex Roweton, said, “The first step towards ending domestic violence and that kind of thing is to make people aware of it. I feel like sometimes people think that it’s not happening, and it is so it’s definitely important to share people’s stories.”

Students on campus scanned the QR code, then answered four questions based off of the statistics on the gallery, then they got free swag and free food. The group was upbeat and passionate about the cause. Sevison said that it is important for people to educate themselves and that we learn best from going out and talking to people in these situations and those that work with these individuals. Then we can go out and do our part.

Student, Brennah Oaks, said, “I think that it’s important to let people know that there’s a support system out there, cause with all this stuff it seemed like it’s so frequent and I didn’t even know.”

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