When it comes to social media engagement, BYU sports social media accounts are through the roof. Cheerleaders and Cougartails are staples at almost every BYU sporting event, but one thing that is also there that most people aren’t aware of are the social media teams documenting and creating amazing media. Every year, BYU puts out amazing content that brings new and old fans to the games in droves.

“The strategy behind BYU athletic social media is a lot more based on engaging fans and showing off the fun athletic personality behind BYU athletes,” said BYU athletic marketing videographer, Caroline Burker. “We make a lot of videos with fun music that kind of hypes-up the crowd and gets people excited.”

Hours and hours of work go on before, during, and well after every single game in order to make content for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and our beloved Sports Nation show.

“BYU athletics posts like we don’t want them to feel like a calendar, like somebody is telling you ‘The game is here. Come this time we’re doing this.’ We want to feel like a friend that’s telling you when the game is, and then showing you like a fun reason to go,” said Caroline.

Of course, social media gurus are only as good as their fans. Thankfully, BYU fans are just as devoted online as they are in the stands. BYU has one of the most engaged fanbases on Twitter, with almost 40,000 mentions last season.

“Just taking a look at the BYU fan base all over the country, all over the world, and seeing them on social media during games is pretty incredible,” said NUVI Social Media Analyst, Daniel Haslam. “We’re really up there, and a lot of that credit goes to our social and digital teams. Honestly, they put out some of the best content out there.”

So, the next time you’re in the stands cheering on your favorite BYU team,  keep in mind the amazing social and digital media teams who are creating amazing content just for you.

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