3 Halloween attractions in Utah Valley

Derek Jacobs leads riders around Provo on tours every weekend, sharing his love of paranormal activity. (Pedal Provo Ghost Tours)

Utah Valley businesses are hosting several Halloween festivities and haunts for all ages as the end of October creeps around the corner. Pedal Provo Ghost Tours, Cornbelly’s and the Sundance Haunted Ski Lift allow patrons to enjoy the spirit of Halloween with friends and family. All three are within 30 minutes of the BYU campus and cost under $30. 

Pedal Provo Ghost Tours, Cornbelly’s and the Sundance Haunted Ski Lift are under $30 and within a reasonable distance to Provo residents. (Katelyn Stiles)

Pedal Provo’s owner and creator Derek Jacobs said those looking for a thrill can catch a ride on a bicycle ghost tour around Provo. Pedal Provo’s ghost tours consist of two different guided tours around the city. As guests ride through the darkening streets, the guides tell scary stories.

“They are all true stories which for some people makes them a little more spooky, but at the same time you know they aren’t going to be too crazy. These are people’s real experiences with the paranormal,” Jacobs said. 

Jacobs said the bike ride is relaxed and comfortable for any age or athletic ability, and it’s not meant to be extremely scary, with riders probably laughing as often as they get scared. He said the ride balances listening to the stories and chatting with the tour group.

Those looking for another Halloween activity can head up to the Sundance Ski Resort to ride the Halloween lift. Sundance offers a Halloween themed ride on Ray’s Summit lift every year.

The lift follows a different theme every year. This year’s theme is movies and TV shows. Sundance marketing manager Trevor Hudspeth said this year will focus on shows like “Stranger Things” and “A Quiet Place.”

Hudspeth said riders can enjoy games, hot chocolate and a movie at the bottom of the lift. For those who forget to bundle up, blankets are available for purchase along with various snacks, he added.

Cornbelly’s is located to the west of Sundance in Lehi. Cornbelly’s offers 50 different attractions including a giant corn maze, zip lines, apple blasters, gemstone mining, pig races and trick-or-treat parades, according to Cornbelly’s marketing director, Kamille Combs.

Combs said those who enjoy a good scare might enjoy Cornbelly’s haunted attraction Insanity Point. Combs said the evening attraction is one of the most popular haunts in Utah County. Insanity Point features a hayloft horror, a haunted circus and a giant inflatable beast called the creature.

Cornbelly’s stays open through Nov. 3 and hosts a giant pumpkin smash at the end of the season. Patrons are invited to smash pumpkins with mallets and bats and can watch pumpkins being dropped from cranes, according to Combs.

“(Cornbelly’s) is laughter by day and screams by night,” Combs said.

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