Police Beat: Oct. 7 – 13




Oct. 10  — An individual in the James E. Talmage Building reported a threatening phone call from an unknown person.


Oct. 10 — An individual reported an unsecured bicycle was stolen from the LaVell Edwards Stadium bike racks last month during a football game.

Oct. 10 — An individual reported that a laptop was stolen in the Wilkinson Student Center. The device was found the next day in the lost and found.

Oct. 10 — An individual reported that a BYU cinch bag was stolen from the Indoor Practice Facility.



Oct. 12 — Police arrested an individual for driving under the influence.


Oct. 12 — Police took a man into custody after he was found harboring a juvenile runaway.


Oct. 11 — Four auto burglaries occurred.

Oct. 11 — Two juveniles were charged with theft and were released to their parents after they were caught shoplifting.

Oct. 11 — A theft of $600 worth of Ulta products was reported.

Oct. 12 — Four juveniles were caught shoplifting. They were released to their parents and charges are pending.


Oct. 11 — Officers responded to a report of a fight in a local parking lot, but by the time they arrived the lot was empty. Afterward, two men entered the hospital with minor stab wounds. One of the men was identified. He and two others were arrested after they were caught attempting to sell drugs.

Oct. 12 — Orem High School student Jacob E. Albrethsen, 17, was fatally shot by officers responding to a domestic dispute report near 100 N. Paradise. According to a Facebook post, Albrethsen was shot after he attacked officers with a knife and resisted a taser.

“This is a tragedy any way you look at it,” the Orem Police Department posted on its Facebook page. “There is still a lot of work to do and we really appreciate your support and patience.”

Warrant Arrests

Oct. 11 — Six warrant arrests occurred.

Oct. 12 — Three warrant arrests occurred.

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