‘Work-ready’ business students impress recruiters

From left: BYU students Erik Garn and Wesley Bosco talk to Partners Group recruiter Tyler Jones about potential job opportunities. The Partners Group, an investment firm, is one of many companies looking to recruit BYU business students. (Abigail Keenan)

Each year recruiters travel nationwide to the BYU Marriott School of Business to seek out potential employees and interns for their companies among the array of students.

Representatives are sent from corporations such as Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and JP Morgan along with others to find the best students to portray their trademark, according to the Marriott School’s website.

Forbes ranked the Marriott School in 2017 as No. 19 on “The Best Business Schools” list. BYU was ranked only six spots behind Ivy-League school Yale University, and nine behind Cornell. They also ranked above other top schools such as Purdue and Notre Dame.

The Marriott School of Business has made a name for itself amongst some of the best schools in the nation. Jeff Boag, the director of Executive Recruiting for Melaleuca, said BYU is one of the top universities for placement quality.

“The students at BYU tend to be very work-ready. They are well-prepared,” he said. “The university does an excellent job of getting them ready to contribute to the employers.”

Boag said the students’ maturity is why so many employers recruit from BYU rather than competing universities.

“The students tend to be more mature, they tend to have more of a clear direction in what they want to accomplish as compared to students at some other universities,” he said.

The Marriott School offers a consistent stream of events including information sessions, workshops and interview practices to help students prepare for potential employers.

Brian Voigt, the director of placement for the School of Accountancy, works alongside fellow counselors and with companies who recruit at BYU to set up the information sessions and events.

“We have a number of companies, the ‘big four’ accounting firms, regional accounting firms, industry companies like Disney, Walmart and others that want to recruit our students,” Voigt said. “We work with those recruiters in setting up information sessions, identifying exactly what positions that they have available for our students.”

Voigt also works with students to help them make career decisions. He said the fact that BYU students are thoughtful, hardworking and ambitious differentiates them in the marketplace.

“The students have such great heart and faith and goodness that that’s a key to their success,” Voigt said. “Other people recognize and see that. They are smart and they are good. They go out into the world and make a difference.”

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