Police Beat Sept. 30 – Oct. 6




Oct. 1 — Wheels were stolen from a bicycle at Wyview Park.

Oct. 1 — A work van was reported stolen from the Wymount parking lot. The theft occurred on Sept. 28. The vehicle was listed on the national stolen vehicle online registry.

Oct. 2 — A bicycle secured with a cable lock was reported stolen from the Thomas L. Martin Building bicycle rack. The theft occurred on Oct. 1.

Oct. 2 — BYU police located and issued a citation to an individual who was stealing food at the Wilkinson Student Center.

Oct. 3 — A bicycle secured with a cable lock was stolen from the Smith Fieldhouse bicycle rack. After the theft was reported that day, the bicycle was listed on the national theft registry.


Animal Control

Oct. 1 — An officer responded to a report of two juvenile goats found fighting in the middle of 400 E. Center Street at 10 p.m. The officer detained the goats.

Outstanding Arrests

Oct. 6 — Two people were arrested for illegally stealing a credit card and using it to make purchases. They were also charged with possession of controlled substances and drug paraphernalia.


Community Involvement

Oct. 3 — The Orem Police Department announced it will be giving special “citations” to children in the community who are seen doing good things. These citations can be redeemed for prizes. This program will occur in partnership with local businesses.

Drugs and Drug Possession

Oct. 1 — An officer arrested a woman for driving under the influence after responding to a report of a person passed out in her car.

Oct. 1 — A man was arrested for driving while under the influence after he crashed his car.

Oct. 1 — Officers arrested another man for driving while under the influence after receiving a report that a truck hit a fence and then drove away. He was located close to the scene of the collision.

Oct. 1 — An individual attacked his roommate using a knife and a gun while they were using LSD together. He then trespassed into a nearby home and passed out. He was charged with attempted homicide and multiple drug-related charges. The victim is in the hospital.

Oct. 7 — A woman was cited after she was found smoking marijuana.

Oct. 7 — A man with a blood-alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit was arrested after he caused a car accident and attempted to drive away with a flat tire.

Oct. 7 — A man was robbed by another individual from whom he was attempting to purchase marijuana.


Oct. 6 — A woman was arrested after she was found to be committing fraud in her workplace.


Oct. 1 — A 2018 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle was stolen from South Geneva Road.

Oct. 1 — A woman reported $300 of fraudulent charges on her credit card after she left it in an Uber.

Oct. 2 — Two people stole a wallet from a woman while she was shopping at TJ Maxx. Immediately afterward, her card was used at a nearby Gamestop to purchase gift cards, video games and bubble gum. Any information should be sent to Detective Locke at (801) 229-7070 or sent to the Orem Police Department through Facebook Messenger.

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