Police Beat: Sept. 9–Sept. 15




Sept. 9 — An individual’s cell phone was reported stolen from a charging station.

Sept. 10 — A bicycle secured with a cable lock at a bike rack on campus was reported stolen. The theft was entered on the national article theft database.

Sept. 10 — A vehicle was broken into at Y Trailhead. Credit cards were stolen and used shortly after the incident.

Sept. 12 — An individual reported a wallet stolen from a backpack while enroute to the MTC.

Sept. 13 — A bicycle was stolen from the bike rack near the Joseph Smith Building. The theft was entered on the national article theft database.

Criminal Mischief and Disorderly Conduct

Sept. 11 — Grafitti was found in several places, including Miller Field, LaVell Edwards Staduim and a trailer in the lot by the Museum of Paleontology.

Sept. 15 — An officer asked a disorderly individual to leave the area. No further incident occurred.



Sept. 14 — Police reported an antique doll was stolen from a local shop Aug. 31. The circa 1880 doll is made of porcelain, glass, wood and papier mâché. Any information should be sent to Detective Shade at .


Sept. 13 — Provo Police Department announced a partnership with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Any request for assistance needed to relocate deer from local neighborhood should be sent to Officer Jake Wilson at .



Sept. 13 — Two auto burglaries occurred.

Sept. 13 — Three individuals were apprehended after attempting to shoplift.

Drugs and Drug Possession

Sept. 13 — A man was arrested for driving under the influence after he crashed his car at 800 N. State Street.

Sept. 13 — A man was arrested for possession with attempt to distribute after an officer stopped his car, smelled marijuana and searched his vehicle.

Sept. 13 — A man received a citation after he was found huffing air duster in the bathroom of a local fast food restaurant.

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