The Hive Collaborative’s ‘The Actors’ is a heartwarming play about family



The Actors, a play about the importance of family, premiers August 17 at The Hive Collaborative in Provo. (The Hive)

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The Hive Collaborative theater is an unassuming red brick building across from Provo Station, just off of Freedom Boulevard. The cozy theater opens August 17 with the world premier of The Actors, a heartwarming play about the importance of family.

The Hive is unique in that it plans to only show new plays, rather than traditional classics.

“We’re opening a brand new theater and only showing new plays. You might think we’re crazy,” Ken Agle said when he introduced the show to a VIP preview audience.

The play is about Ronnie, a lonely, middle-aged man who is struggling to get over the deaths of his parents. He misses the feeling of having a family, so he hires two actors to play his mom and dad.

The beginning of the show is awkward, quirky and hilarious. The pretend mother and father dress up in the 70s outfits of Ronnie’s childhood and get into character, reenacting scenes from his childhood.

In the play The Actors, Ronnie hires two actors to play his deceased parents so he can remember what it feels like to be part of a family. (The Hive)

However, as the play progresses, Ronnie starts to realize they are acting out scenes of what he wants a family to be, not scenes of what a family truly is.

He realizes that even though his parents are no longer living, he has other “real” family members that he can reconnect with.

The quirky story ends on a heartwarming and emotional note as Ronnie discovers what it truly means to be a family.

Because the theater only has 86 seats, each audience member is close to the stage and feels connected to the action. People can come to a show, laugh together, cry together and enjoy an evening of theater.

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