Coca-Cola Freestyle lets students customize their soda


BYU continues to distance itself from the old ban on caffeine with the introduction of Coca-Cola Freestyle machines on campus.

The recently installed Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in the Cougareat offer a larger variety of drink options, including more caffeinated sodas, and revolutionize the way consumers customize their soda using technology.

“This is the highest tech soda I’ve ever had,” said Caleb Drew, a junior studying political science at BYU.

Students can download the free Coca-Cola Freestyle app to mix their own custom drinks.

“It’s all about choice and personal preference. Our guests wanted a wider selection of drink choices. Many of our guests who previously went off campus to get a customized drink can now purchase a similar drink on campus,” said Barbara Lettich, general manager of retail dining for BYU.

Users can create their own perfect blends of up to three different sodas or drinks. They choose the flavors and set the ratios.

Students can share their favorite drink with friends. App users can also get their drinks faster.

“Since our goal at the Cougareat is speed with service, we are planning a marketing campaign to inform our guests about the ease of using the Coca-Cola Freestyle app,” Lettich said.

App users can also see trending mixes in their local area and earn rewards.

Some of the most popular Coca-Cola Freestyle creations in the Provo area are “Orange de la Creme,” “North Pole Magic,” “Peach Cobbler” and “Very Berry Splash.”

“The app is convenient. I like Sodalicious, so if I can mix my own soda here, that’d be great,” said Mendy Guevara, a BYU English Language Center student from Guatemala.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle app is available for both Android and iOS devices in the App Store.

The new soda fountain machines allow BYU students, faculty and guests to enjoy their choice of cold drinks, either caffeinated or not — something that wasn’t always possible.

Before September 21, 2017, a ban beginning in the 1950s prohibited the selling of Coke and other caffeinated drinks on BYU’s campus.

Coke and other favorites soon filled the vending machines and soda fountains on campus.

According to Coca-Cola’s website, “Coca-Cola Freestyle gives you the freedom to explore, pour and enjoy your perfect drinks.”

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