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Perpetual Education and Temple Patron Assistance funds removed from LDS online donation form

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said the Perpetual Education and Temple Patron Assistance funds have received sufficient donations and have been removed from the online donation form. The church is encouraging members to donate to other categories online. The Perpetual Education and Temple Patron Assistance funds are still available for donations processed in wards or branches.

St. George Temple break-in

A man broke a window and entered the St. George Temple at about 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, according to church spokesman Eric Hawkins. The man proceeded to the fifth floor of the temple, damaging furniture, artwork, and other items along the way. After causing additional damage on the fifth floor, he was contained by temple workers until police arrived and the man was arrested.

According to the St. George News, police identified the intruder as 22-year-old Charles Gregory Logan, of St. George. Preliminary charges against Logan include felony offenses for criminal mischief and burglary, as well as misdemeanors for assault, interfering with an arrest and disorderly conduct.

The St. George temple was closed for a few hours on Saturday morning to address the damage.

Utah medical marijuana initiative memorandum

The LDS Church asked a Salt Lake City law firm for a legal analysis of the proposed Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative to be submitted to voters. The memorandum raises grave concerns about this initiative and the serious adverse consequences that could follow if it were adopted. The church invites all Utah voters to read the memorandum and to “make their own judgment.”

Major renovation planned for Mesa Arizona Temple

The church has released detailed plans of major renovations for the Mesa Arizona Temple. According to a statement, the 75,000-square-foot temple will undergo site improvements, exterior maintenance, interior finishes, and building system maintenance for HVAC systems. The temple grounds will also be renovated and enhanced.

The visitors’ center will be demolished, and a new center will be rebuilt across the street. It will be home to various interactive exhibits and events, historical information about the temple, and family history research and teaching facilities.

Thousands of youths unite at Jordan River Temple

Thousands of LDS youths march to the Jordan River Temple to celebrate its upcoming re-dedication. (Daniel Woodruff)

Youths from 66 stakes in the Jordan River Temple district walked up to six miles from their stake centers to the temple grounds to be part of a celebration and unity event. The youths performed musical numbers practiced with their stakes and wards.

Joint statement by First Presidency and NAACP national leadership

The First Presidency will meet with the national leadership of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on May 17 as part of the organization’s visit to church headquarters. Following their meeting, they will make a joint statement to
members of the media.

Two new exhibits at the Church History Museum

Two new art exhibits will open at the Church History Museum on May 17. The exhibits, Jorge Cocco Santángelo: Sacred Events from the Life of Christ and Light & Life: Stories and Photographs of a Global Faith, both reflect the worldwide membership of the church.

Argentine artist Jorge Cocco Santángelo depicts the ministry of Christ as recounted in the New Testament in his piece Sacred Events from the Life of Christ. Light & Life exhibit photographers Leslie Nilsson and Cody Bell showcase large-scale photographs that document the everyday lives of 34 LDS Church members across six continents.

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