LDS Church to implement safety procedures for missionaries

Mormon Newsroom
Missionaries in the Church’s Alabama Birmingham Mission. In June 2017, the church issued a survey to evaluate the safety conditions of its missionaries. (Mormon Newsroom)

The LDS Church issued a survey to its missionaries in June 2017 to evaluate safety conditions and where improvements need to be made.

Daniel Woodruff, media relations manager for LDS Public Affairs and spokesman for the church, issued a press release on May 4, 2018 explaining results of the survey.

“We were pleased to learn that an overwhelming majority of missionaries reported feeling safe within their missions, and the number of incidents was very low compared to the total missionaries serving,” Woodruff said. “Gratefully, serious threats and violence involving missionaries are uncommon, although we recognize that exceptions occur.”

Woodruff said results from the survey will influence changes to the church’s “Missionary Handbook.” Other things to be implemented will be a Sister Safety Committee, a post-incident process for missionaries and a “health, safety and security training program,” according to Woodruff. These new health and safety procedures are all being added as a result of the survey.

Missionaries who are serving in areas with “multiple safety concerns have been reported” will participate in a second survey, Woodruff said.

“Missionaries throughout the world are known for their goodness and selfless service,” Woodruff said. “We greatly value their safety. We are committed to doing all we can to understand and to improve, where needed, the circumstances of all missionaries.”

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