Top 4 must-see Bean Museum exhibits

@spenburn: Say Ah! #ilovemykids We loved the new remodel at the #byu #beanmuseum. Seriously, there are some way cool exhibits and learning opportunities for kids. Next time we go I’m taking a measuring tape and we’ll measure the kids mouth compared to that hippo.

The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum has a lot to explore. From live shows, to rare species, to informational exhibits, there’s something for everyone at the Bean Museum. While the exhibits presented at the Bean Museum sometimes rotate, here are our top 4 must-see exhibits for your next trip to the Bean Museum.

  1. Life on Top

Apex Predators: Located on the second floor, east side, this exhibit shows off some incredible interactions between predators and prey.

2. Life Submerged

Marine and Freshwater: This watery exhibit is located on the west wall of the west atrium. It gives visitors a chance to see “beneath the looking glass” as they peer into the watery depths of several different water-based habitats.

3. Into Africa

Exploring Nature’s Interactions: In this wild exhibit, visitors can learn not only about the diverse kinds of animals living in Africa but also see the unique ways they live together and interact.

4. Whooo Lives Here?

This fun exhibit is a great place for kids to play and for parents to relax! This fully interactive, playground-style exhibit lets kids see what it’s like to live in an animal’s house.

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