Best of Police Beat Winter 2018


Disorderly Conduct

March 29 – A male reported seeing inappropriate physical contact between a male and a female making out at the Y Trailhead.

April 11 – BYU Police responded to a call by a male employee that a male student refused to leave the Testing Center after being turned away for having a beard without a beard card.


Jan. 15 – A male student reported assault from another male student that occurred during a basketball game at the RB.

April 6 – A man reported being assaulted while leaving Costco. He was hit twice by another man’s cart from behind while he was being receipt checked at the exit.


March 28 – Police are monitoring the situation of two Orem roommates involved in a texting quarrel about how loud one of them watches TV.


Jan. 16 – Two individuals were cited for hot sauce theft at the Orem Black Bear Diner.

Jan. 17 – A woman was cited for shoplifting a yeti cupholder and headlamp from Ridley’s.

Jan. 22 – Police caught a man attempting to swap his bike tires with another bike’s. Police said the suspect had heroin.

Jan. 23 – A student reported a backpack worth $550 stolen from the MTC. The backpack was later found in the MTC custodial office. Police said a student took the wrong backpack by mistake and returned it upon discovering their mistake.

Feb. 12 – Two male students were arrested for stealing a golf cart near the Kennedy Center. The golf cart was found near the physical education areas on campus.

March 6 – A woman was confronted for attempting to steal gel pens in her purse at the Orem Hobby Lobby. The woman dropped her purse, said the purse wasn’t hers, and left the store. Police found property in the purse matching the description of the woman that had dropped the purse. Police are checking video surveillance and said they have the woman’s purse if she would like it back.

March 19 – A man was arrested at the University Mall after he left a bag of stolen items he said he’d come back for in Victoria’s Secret. Police found $28,000 in arrest warrants for the man.

March 22 – Police broke up a fight at WinCo between a WinCo loss prevention officer and a patron with a pocketful of sugar-free gummy bears. The patron had warrants out for his arrest.

March 28 – An individual reported receiving a solicitation call seeking donations for the Choose to Give program while in the Harold B. Lee Library.

April 13 – Orem police responded to a report of a woman hiding in the men’s bathroom of the Family Dollar and taking merchandise out of its packaging. Police caught her leaving the men’s bathroom. She told police she would give them thousands of dollars in jewelry if they would let her go. Police took her to jail, completed a thorough search and found heroin and methamphetamine. She was charged with felony theft, bribery and possession of heroin and methamphetamine.

Public disturbance

March 23 – A man got upset with another restaurant patron for blowing his nose. The nose-blowing man got angry and punched the complainant. The nose-blowing man is being sought out by police.

Reckless Driving

March 12 – Police pulled over a woman in a truck for swerving, but police said she wasn’t impaired, she was only looking for her dropped teeth. She was arrested after police found two arrest warrants for the woman.


Feb. 26 –  Police apprehended a drunken male food delivery driver reported to have relieved his bowels in the middle of the road near 800 North and the mouth of Provo Canyon. Police discovered bottle of vodka in the vehicle.


Jan. 29 – Police arrested a man after he stopped them to ask for a ride while carrying heroin.

Feb. 7 – An officer responded to a report of the smell of marijuana in the Creamery on Ninth parking lot and detected the distinct odor of a wood-burning fireplace coming from the house across the street.

April 6 – Orem police stopped a driver for failure to signal a lane change and discovered 30 pounds of methamphetamine in the speaker of the car. Police estimated its worth between $250,000 and $1.5 million.

April 9 – A woman allegedly went into an apartment and told the male tenant that his apartment belonged to her and he needed to leave. The man left the apartment and called police. The woman was arrested and charged with burglary, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

April 13 – Police responded to a report of a possible burglary in progress. Police found three men leaving the yard of a home after smoking marijuana in the treehouse. Police cited all three and confiscated their marijuana.

Speeding, Fleeing Police

Jan. 17- A man was arrested after driving 80 mph on State Street and fleeing police. Police found the man at the Orem Little Caesars.


Feb. 10 – Police arrested a man for breaking into the front lobby of the police station while under the influence of vodka. Police said they found him sitting cross-legged, meditating on the floor.

Illegal Activity

Feb. 10 – A man reported an escort that he didn’t order came to his front door. Police were unable to identify the suspect.  

Gun violence

March 19 – Orem police assisted UVU police on a traffic stop where the driver accidentally shot himself in the leg after attempting to hide a handgun.

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