Top 10 cartoon submissions


Each week the Opinion Editor receives cartoon submissions. Check out the top 10 best submissions received this academic year. We also encourage student submissions. To see your cartoons published in the Universe online and in print, email submissions to .


Gary Varvel
The Democrats are downplaying the tax cut bonuses and pay raises that many companies are giving their employees.


Gary Varvel
President Donald Trump’s tweet compared the size of his nuclear button to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.


Gary Varvel
After a year of tremendous gains, the stock market dropped dramatically.


Gary Varvel
Since Donald Trump won election, the stock market has gone out of this world. The Dow crossed over the 26,000 mark rising by 1,000 points in just 13 days. People who have a 401k have been estatic to see it rise by 25.1 percent in a year. What could possibly go wrong?


Gary Varvel
The Democrats’ resistance campaign was not able to stop the GOP tax cut plan.


Gary Varvel
Peter Strzok, a counter-intelligence agent, was removed from Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. According to his emails and texts turned over to the House Judiciary Committee, Strzok told colleague Lisa Page, he called Donald Trump an “idiot” and showed a clear preference for Hillary Clinton in the election even though, at that time, he was running the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.


Gary Varvel
On Groundhog Day, will Punxsutawney Phil see Donald Trump’s shadow?


Gary Varvel
Despite the Democrats warnings about the danger of letting tax payers keep more of their own money, I believe that the economic benefits will impact every sector of America.


Gary Varvel
Due to the ripple effect from the #metoo campaign, mistletoe may be banned at all holiday parties.


Gary Varvel
Here is a Christmas wish for those who get upset by President Trump’s Twitter storms.


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