BYU faculty celebrate Kevin Miller’s life of service

BYU Photo
Kevin R. Miller was a professor in construction and facilities management. (BYU Photo)

Kevin R. Miller, a professor of construction and facilities management at BYU, was killed in a car accident on March 16 at the age of 50.

Miller was a devoted husband, the father of four, a dedicated professor and a temple worker at the Payson Temple. He will be greatly missed by family, friends and the BYU community.

He was also passionate about his work. Miller was skilled in technology and worked with computerized estimating tools to create computerized 3-D models to help estimation of construction projects.

Professor Justin Weidman was one of Miller’s students before working alongside him in the construction and facilities management department at BYU. Weidman said Miller used his passion for new technologies to benefit his students.

“He was always on the cutting edge. Giving students not necessarily what companies were doing right now, but giving them a forward look into what was going to be coming in the construction industry,” Weidman said.

Weidman said Miller was passionate about his students. He pushed them to be their best and to make important decisions. He removed barriers in order for his students to realize their potential and success.

Professor James Smith also took classes from Miller before he came to be a professor at BYU. This semester they taught a class together, CFM 105, and worked together on a daily basis. Smith said he knew Miller as someone always ready to serve people.

“His common phrase was, ‘What problems can I cause for you today?’ That was how he would ask how he could help you,” Smith said.

At Miller’s funeral, Smith said a story was shared about how much Miller loved being a temple worker. When a new bishop was called, Miller told him he’d be fine being released from teaching Sunday School, but he had to stay a temple worker.

Professor Brian Capt was a student at BYU at the same time as Miller and their families are close friends.

“The thing I loved about Kevin is he loved people. He loved the students,” Capt said, “It was more than just teaching for him. It was turning out students that would be successful.”

Faculty at the Santo Domino Institute of Technology held a moment of silence for Professor Miller. (photo provided by Brian Capt)

BYU’s construction program has a partnership with the Santo Domingo Institute of Technology that has been in place for nine years. As part of this partnership, faculty and students travel to the Dominican Republic once a year and students from there come to visit Utah.

Miller participated in this program. He went to the Dominican Republic to give presentations and trainings. Some visiting students from Santo Domingo Institute of Technology were invited to visit his house.

Capt was at the Santo Domingo Institute of Technology this past week. The school held a tribute to Miller and had two minutes of silence for his passing.

“The university knew him and they loved him and appreciated him,” Capt said.

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