Police Beat: March 15-23










March 19 – A female student reported a secured bicycle taken from the bike racks of Helaman Halls. The bicycle is valued at $1,000. The bicycle has been entered on the national theft registry.


March 17 – A male BYU employee reported finding drug paraphernalia under a pine tree near Helaman Halls.


March 15 – An individual reported being harassed over Instagram.

March 20 – A male student reported receiving unwanted phone calls from a male individual asking for inappropriate photos.

Orem/Provo Area


March 19 – A man was arrested at the University Mall after he left a bag of stolen items he said he’d come back for in Victoria’s Secret. Police found $28,000 in arrest warrants for the man.

March 19 – Orem police arrested a man at a pawn shop who allegedly stole his sister’s gun. The man is now in the custody of the Spanish Fork Police Department.

March 19 – Orem police recovered a stolen Mitsubishi Eclipse at 1300 North State Street in Orem, and the car was returned to the owner.

March 22 – Orem police stopped a man who was found to be pulling a stolen trailer. Orem detectives are following up with the case.

March 22 – Police broke up a fight at WinCo between a WinCo loss prevention officer and a patron with a pocketful of sugar-free gummy bears. The patron had warrants out for his arrest.


March 19 – Orem’s K-9 unit assisted Lindon police on a traffic stop where they found marijuana, butane hash oil and a bag of ecstasy inside the vehicle.

March 19 – Reports of a man hanging out by the Starbucks dumpster led police to discover two warrants for his arrest and methamphetamine in his possession.

March 19 – A man was found to be smoking in a stall of the Orem McDonald’s.

March 23 – Police stopped a man and found distribution amounts of marijuana in his possession. The driver was arrested for possession with intent to sell.

March 23 – After police served a search warrant at a home in the north part of Orem, a man and woman were arrested for possession and child endangerment.

Drugs and fraud

March 19 – The driver of a Chevrolet Suburban pulling a trailer was found to have drug paraphernalia, burglary tools, stolen car titles, stolen SSN cards and possibly a stolen trailer. The driver has been charged for ID theft, stolen property and drug paraphernalia.


March 19 – Police found a man passed out in his car at 1300 West and University Parkway in Orem. The man was arrested for DUI.

March 21 – Police stopped a man for speeding and sideswiping a parked car. The suspect is said to have fought arrest and head-butted the booking officer at the police department. The man was officially arrested for reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, DUI, open alcohol in vehicle, disorderly conduct and interfering with justice.

March 21 – Orem police stopped a man for speeding, but the man was impaired and arrested for DUI.

Traffic and Drug Violation

March 22 – A man ran from police on foot when police pulled the man over for a revoked registration. Police caught him and he was found to have a revoked registration, an uninsured car, a revoked driver’s license, paraphernalia and heroin.

Missing person

March 23 – A 31-year-old woman with a diminished mental capacity went missing on March 22. An Orem police officer found her at a home in northwest Orem in the evening of March 22.

Public disturbance

March 23 – A man got upset with another restaurant patron for blowing his nose. The nose-blowing man got angry and punched the complainant. The nose-blowing man is being sought out by police.

Protective order violation

March 19 – A woman reported to police that her ex, who she has a protective order against, was in her home. Police found the woman to have a warrant for her arrest and both the man and woman were arrested.

Gun violence

March 19 – Orem police assisted UVU police on a traffic stop where the driver accidentally shot himself in the leg after attempting to hide a handgun.

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