BYU ROTC wins prestigious MacArthur Award

Dani Jardine
BYU ROTC cadets receive instruction at Camp Williams, where they perform much of their military field training, fall 2017. (Dani Jardine)

BYU’s ROTC program was recently recognized as one of the top eight programs in the nation last year, and was awarded the prestigious MacArthur Award for their hard work.

The MacArthur award is given to the top eight programs in the nation each year. Out of the 275 progams in the USA, BYU came out on top.

Its a huge distinction and a huge honor to be part of a great program,” Lieutenant Colonel Chip Cook said. “I have no doubts that this award comes on the shoulders of many who have built the productivity and greatness of the program we have here.”

Cook, who is largely in charge of the ROTC program at BYU, said the cadets excelled in every field to win the MacArthur Award. Their physical fitness, academic performance and military skills were all top notch and he feels the cadets are deserving of this honor.

Major Ben Ashton of the BYU ROTC said there were other factors that played into BYU being named a top eight program as well, many of which can’t be measured like other variables can.

“We have very few disciplinary actions, very few DUI’s, and very few other punishments given out to our cadets,” Ashton said. “That’s partially due to the clean standard of living present at BYU and in Utah in general. That’s not all necessarily measured, but it does have an effect on how our school is perceived.”

The ROTC will be accepting this award at an awards ceremony on April 5, where military leaders will present the program with their hard-earned award.

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