Sharing the ball was a big focus for this year’s BYU men’s basketball team. Despite having three All-Conference talents, not a single player averaged more than 18 points, the first time this has happened at BYU since 2012.

The Cougars averaged over 15 assists per game, and here are 15 of the best ones.

15. Missed shot or a pass? I’m not sure, so that’s why it’s No. 15 (vs. UVU on Nov. 29)

14. Around the horn to a Bryant three (vs. UVU on Nov. 29, BYU had 25 assists on the night)

13. Cross-court to Cannon with the quick pass to Haws for three (vs. San Francisco on Feb. 10)

12. The ball touches every player to eventually end up in Worthington’s hands (vs. Santa Clara on Feb. 8)

11. Three Hardnett-to-Childs plays coming up. First, a spinning drop-off (vs. Utah State on Dec. 2)

10. Hardnett drop-off to Childs. Blink and you’ll miss it (vs. Pacific on Jan. 27)

9. Hardnett throws a lob from the 3-point line to Childs for two-hand jam (vs. Illinois State on Dec. 6)

8. Cannon nails the bounce pass for the easy Haws two (vs. Pacific on Jan. 27)

7. Bryant wraps around two defenders for the Childs dunk (vs. Santa Clara on Feb. 8)

6. Haws threads the needle to Dastrup for the jam (vs. LMU on Jan. 18)

5. Cannon lobs it up for the Childs one-hand slam (vs. Pacific on Jan. 27)

4. Haws tosses it up from the 3-point line for the Bryant lay-in (vs. USF on Feb. 10)

3. Haws goes around three USF defenders to drop it off for Nixon (vs. USF on Feb. 10)

2. Haws throws the touchdown pass to Bryant (vs. LMU on Jan. 18)

1. Bryant returns the favor with a full-court bounce pass to Haws (vs. LMU on Jan. 18)

Honorable Mentions

vs. LMU, Jan. 18

vs. San Diego, Jan. 20

vs. Pacific, Jan. 27

vs. Utah State, Dec. 2

vs. UVU, Nov. 29

vs. Illinois State, Dec. 6

vs. Weber State, Dec. 9

vs. Santa Clara, Feb. 8

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