6 third trimester probs every pregnant woman can relate to


Pregnancy is a glorious time where each month brings a host of uncomfortable changes, new challenges, and just some plain weird symptoms. Often it’s better to laugh than cry in these moments (especially since it’s a long nine months…). Here are six problems during the third trimester that every mother/pregnant woman will be able to understand.

  1. You never knew getting out of a bathroom stall could be so difficult…

Pregnant women were not meant to deal with inward swinging doors. Ever.

  1. Your relationship with food is love-hate

Not only have you felt pressure for the past six months to always eat  high-protein, high-nutrient, whole grain, high-fiber, all organic, five course meals or your baby will probably end up with five arms, but now you’re feeling nauseous and exhausted and boiling water is a challenge.

Microwave popcorn and five arms it is.

  1. The vicious cycle of thirst and peeing

Every drink out of your water bottle means your inevitable bathroom trip is ten minutes closer… but you have never been this thirsty in your life.

  1. You absolutely hate answering the question “How are you doing?”

You know they mean well and yet what are they even asking? Do they want every uncomfortable symptom you’re feeling right now? Or just compared to yesterday? Or last month? How are you doing compared to when you weren’t pregnant? Are they talking physically or emotionally?

It’s just easier to go with the classic “I’m good” and leave it at that.

  1. Everyone and their dog feels entitled to comment on your body

“You’re so big!” “You look so good, you don’t even look pregnant.” “You’re due in two weeks? I was your size at the beginning of my second trimester.” “Are you sure you’re not having twins?”

For some reason, everyone has an idea of what a pregnant woman is supposed to look like. And somehow you are never it. Stand up for yourself when you want to and don’t dwell on the comments; you are just right for you.

  1. Your wardrobe has shrunk to about seven shirts

Not only are you completely sick of your maternity clothes but you’re getting so big that you hardly fit into half of them anyway. Essentially, you live in yoga pants and your husband’s t-shirts.

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