Orem ranked best place to live in Utah


Time Magazine ranked Orem the top place to live in Utah on Jan. 19.

Time’s article listed the best places to live in each state. The list attributes Orem’s top placement to its short commute, low crime rates and city-wide amenities.

Children play at Scera Park in Orem January 2018. Orem City Councilman Tom Macdonald said Orem’s city government has put effort into making their parks top-notch. (Ty Mullen)

“Orem is safe, affordable, and friendly — the quintessential family town,” according to Time.

Orem City Councilman Tom Macdonald said he is proud of Orem’s accomplishments.

“We’ve tried to make it business friendly so that businesses can come here and grow and then we rely on entrepreneurial spirit that does grow the business world,” Macdonald said.

Macdonald attributes much of Orem’s success to its citizens.

“Mostly, our parents taught children how to be nice to people,” Macdonald said. “We do live in an environment where people try to be trustworthy, helpful, courteous, kind, etc. And people are nice because they care about each other.”

Orems Public Library is a favorite location of many Orem residents, including Coalwell and Yorgason. (Ty Mullen)

Macdonald also acknowledged the problems that come with popularity. He cited both parking and traffic as challenges a growing city faces, especially one that is expanding so rapidly.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Provo-Orem area is the seventh largest in the country for population growth, with an almost 100,000-person jump from 2015 to 2016.

Orem’s projected job growth is 12.52 percent, according to the article.

Jennifer Coalwell and Kristiena Yorgason, two long-time Orem residents, weren’t surprised Time ranked Orem as the best city to live in Utah.

“I like that it’s safe,” Coalwell said. “I love the mountains; I love that we’re tucked in just the perfect location.”

Coalwell also listed Orem’s safety, short commutes and central location as benefits to living there.

Yorgason shared similar thoughts, adding that Orem’s sense of togetherness Orem is a reason she loves the city.

“It is a good place to live,” Yorgason said. “All of the different communities that are here feel like a part of the city.”

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