7 unique facts about the new LDS Church leadership

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  1. For the past 32 years, new church presidents have retained the previous president’s counselors in the First Presidency.
  2. President Dallin H. Oaks is the first former Brigham Young University president to be in the First Presidency.
  3. President Oaks has dedicated one LDS temple (Provo City Center). President Henry B. Eyring has dedicated or re-dedicated 12 temples. President Russell M. Nelson has dedicated two temples.
  4. President Oaks is a native of Provo.
  5. Both President Eyring and President Nelson attended the University of Utah, although President Nelson received an honorary BYU degree in 1970.
  6. The amount of time between President Thomas S. Monson’s passing and the setting apart of a new church president was the longest since 1889, when 20 months passed between the death of President John Taylor and the setting apart of President Wilford Woodruff.
  7. President Oaks and President Nelson were called as apostles at the same time, although President Oaks was ordained several weeks later due to a work assignment outside of Utah.
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