Christmas nativity collection brings spirit of Christ to BYU Store


The BYU Store has over 300 nativities on display from over 60 countries to remind BYU guests what the Christmas season is all about.

Betsy Christensen, an 87-year-old Orem woman, owns the nativity collection. According to the Daily Herald, Christensen began the collection when studying abroad during college and she has traveled all over the world.

BYU Store marketing director J.R. Ricks said her collection has more than 1,000 nativities from countries all around the world.

“The exhibit is a feast of the eyes and shows Christ is still in the hearts of many from throughout the world,” Ricks said.

Ricks said the nativity display features figures made from materials like tin cans and dung. He said each nativity is unique to the culture and atmosphere of where it was produced.

The smallest nativity on display is on the head of a pin, while the largest nativity — featuring a Christmas town — had to be downsized due to the lack of space, Ricks said.

Jennie Brazel, the collector’s daughter, spoke to Eleven News about her mother’s creche collection.

“It’s kind of a nice way to counteract all the Santa Claus barrage of things hitting everybody,” Brazel told Eleven News. “We’ve found something that reflects what we’re really supposed to be thinking about.”

The nativity collection will be on display until Jan. 4.

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