BYU’s Nick Emery says he was cleared by honor code office

Ari Davis
Nick Emery drives to the net in the game against Pepperdine on Jan. 19, 2017. Emery withdrew from the school last month and said he has been cleared by the honor code office. (Ari Davis)

Nick Emery said he has been cleared of any honor code violations in an online blog he posted to his Twitter account Monday.

“In my situation, I am so incredibly grateful for this investigation because it only solidifies the facts and facts only,” Emery said in the post. “I was cleared of these false accusations, rumors and any wrongdoing by the honor code after they did their investigation.”

Emery did not mention the ongoing NCAA investigation in the post.

The BYU basketball guard also talked about why he withdrew from the team Nov. 10 and school this fall in the post and the comments he has received since then:

“So why did I withdraw after all? After countless nights of no sleep, school, basketball, divorce, NCAA, my family’s safety and my own safety, I decided it was good to withdraw from school and put an end to all the craziness. I am incredibly grateful for my teammates, coaches, and BYU administration for all their support. They have helped me more than they will ever know! This is 100% my decision and my decision only. It has been quite the journey mentally and physically. But it was time to step down and take time to get myself back in all aspects of life and back to who I really am. I will work harder than I ever have on the basketball court and in my life goals.”

Emery added his goal is to return to the team next year.

You can read the whole post here.

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