Students explore their interests at Clubs Night

Savannah Hopkinson
From left: BYU students Camille Cowan and Aisha Huston practice karate during Clubs Night. Students can participate in a wide variety of activities every Tuesday evening at the event. (Savannah Hopkinson)

BYU’s Clubs Night new executive director is working hard to make the program even better than it was before, despite being new to the job.

Jay Rollins became executive director of Clubs Night at the start of 2017 Fall Semester.

He’s really dedicated to what he does,” said Stephen Buma, a Clubs Night program director. “He does a great job and he always tries to think of new things we can do.”

Rollins said Clubs Night has always been a success on BYU campus, but he feels some students don’t know exactly what goes on each Tuesday at 7 p.m.

BYU Clubs Night Executive Director Jay Rollins coordinates the Tuesday night activities. (Savannah Hopkinson)

Some people think Clubs Night is like a club rush where clubs set up booths and try and get members to join them — it’s not that,” Rollins said. “Clubs are already doing their thing. You can come join with them even with no prior experience — no need to sign up, no need for paperwork.”

Rollins said he wants to make sure students understand that clubs on campus are something fun — not something cumbersome. Students can come to Clubs Night even if they don’t know which club they want to spend time at. There are tables set up with lists of clubs and activities for the evening, which new visitors can check out to find something that interests them.

There’s something for everyone,” said Program Director
Ricky Moreno. “Whatever it is you like, you’ll find something you like here — and if you don’t find something you like, then you can make your own club.”

In fact, many club presidents say it’s easy to start a new club. Country Dance Club President Eliza Marchant didn’t start the club, but she knows how fun it is to get a group started at BYU.

“It’s easy to start a club if you have a unique idea that appeals to at least a handful of people,” Marchant said. “BYUSA really encourages new clubs and tries to get as many students involved as possible.”

There are over 430 clubs on the BYU clubs web page. Each week Rollins and his team select 60 of these clubs to participate in Clubs Night. The selection changes each week, so students can always experience something new.

Rollins said clubs have been a part of his life since high school, but they’re something he wishes he’d dedicated more time to.

“I probably would have made more friends and developed more talents,” Rollins said. “I want to provide others with a chance to experience some of what I missed out on.” 

Students can check out Clubs Night every Tuesday from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Wilkinson Student Center. Informational desks are set up at the north and south main entrances. For more information, go to the BYU Clubs web page.

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