Police Beat: Nov. 28 – Dec. 4



Disorderly Conduct

Nov. 28 – A male student complained of individuals in a closed area in the Eyring Science Center. One of those individuals, a female student, was disorderly when asked to leave.


Nov. 28 – A male student was given a fraudulent check as payment for a vehicle listed for sale.

Sexual Assault

Nov. 28 – A woman made a delayed report of a sexual assault that occurred in the MTC over 20 years ago. The incident is under investigation.


Nov. 28 – An individual reported clothing worth about $100 taken from a vehicle in Lot 32.


Domestic Dispute

Nov. 30 – Officers mediated an argument between roommates. The roommates agreed to separate for the night.


Nov. 30 – A man met up with a drug dealer to buy marijuana. When the buyer met the dealer, he felt something was wrong and took off running. The dealer caught up and stole the buyer’s phone.


Nov. 30 – Officers responded to a report of reckless driving. After being stopped, the driver was found to be impaired and arrested for DUI.

Nov. 30 – An officer stopped a man and woman suspected of shoplifting. The officer discovered the man had $9,000 in warrants, and upon arresting him, found the man was also in possession of heroin.


Nov. 30 – An officer found a car that ran from police a week earlier. The suspect drove away, but stopped shortly after the pursuit started and was arrested.


Nov. 30 – Two juveniles were stopped after they were caught shoplifting at Kohl’s.

Nov. 30 – An officer responded to a report of two shoplifters in custody at Smith’s. The shoplifters, a man and woman, had stolen vitamins and tried to return them for cash. The man was also in possession of a loaded heroin syringe.

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